Mike Stud – Boyfriend (Remix)

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As an up-and-coming rapper nowadays, how do you get love? Be white? Yea. Be dope? Yea. Make Justin’s new track “Boyfriend” 1,000 times less gay to listen to? Apparently. The kid Mike Stud has been tearing up the hip-hop scene lately, as this track is only the latest in a long line of impressive material from the frat-rapper, but perhaps this is what will produce the most virality around social media outlets and blogs alike. 

Between the perfect timing, the Jon Kilmer and KMA Studios affiliation, and the dopeness of the song itself, there’s no reason why this video shouldn’t blow up as bigger than anything else Stud has put out already. Here’s to hoping it will, check out the visuals above and free download below.

Download: Mike Stud – “Boyfriend” Remix



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