Hoodie Allen – “Feel the Love”

Hoodie Allen decided it was time to give his fans another free track called “Feel The Love”! Like KKS, Hoodie’s always searching for new artists and new music that excites him. On past mixtapes, he’s been very influenced by the indie and pop music he discovered online which led to him putting his own creative flip on a lot of tracks, making it his own. When he was in London in May, he heard this amazing track by Rudimental called “Feel The Love” which was hugely popular there but seemed to be pretty unknown in the states.

With the help of Hoodie’s longtime producer RJF, he brings us “Feel The Love” giving his fans the classic upbeat indie hop vibes they’ve come to love. Hoodie tells, “Feel The Love” is very much a thank you to all the fans and sites for all the great things they have helped me achieve in the past year. It’s also a perfect track to mark the end of summer!” Thanks, Hoodie!