Biometrix is a hard hitting DJ from Exeter UK, fuelled by energetic live performances and insane bass drops. He has promptly made his mark in the music industry and continues to produce that signature sound that many artists are trying to achieve. Biometrix has taken inspiration from artists such as ‘’The prodigy, Jack Beats and Tiesto’’. It was a great experience to see him live at the Lemon Grove in Exeter last year, and I recommend going to see him for yourself. If that’s not a possible feet, then go check out his new EP on release date 28th January 2013, and if you can’t wait till then, his current EP ‘Apocalypse’. Either way, you can witness and share the power of his tracks with your mates.

Check out his ‘Work in Progress’ track ”Irresistible” below. If it’s a work in progress, I cant wait to see the final outcome (because it’s already amazing).