Skizzy Mars – Phases (Mixtape)


Skizzy Mars, Manhattan native on the come up. Skizzy Mars is an artist that has huge potential in the future. Over the last couple weeks Skizzy has been releasing teaser videos for his upcoming album, Phases. And here’s the best part. Phases is here!

This album is a must DOWNLOAD! He catched us up with a stream so we could listen to this already before it released. It’s just amazing, with 14 songs, the two years waiting for this project was well worth it! Go ahead and give it a listen yourself! #Phases

If you want to know more of what he’s all about read this exclusive interview we were able to grab with the man himself!

Facebook // @SkizzyMars


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  1. This is just great from beginning to end. Great lyrics and great instrumentals in every song, I guess this is “The Heist” of 2013. Don’t know if it’s gonna become as popular as Macklemore became, but I won’t forget to share this. Thank you for sharing all this great music with us, I’m visiting a lot of website to discover new music but you’re my best source!

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