Say Lou Lou – Julian (The Chainsmokers Remix)


The New York City duo The Chainsmokers release some new material. Best known for their remixes of artists such as Two Door Cinema,Little Daylight and Daughter, the production pair continue to reach new heights and further expand their fan base. The two young producers have yet again hit a home run with their take on Say Lou Lou‘s single “Julian”.

Words from the duo:

We actually first heard the song via Monsieur Adi’s Remix and thought it was awesome but were curious to hear the original, so we checked it out and loved Say Lou Lou’s original but thought there was still room for a really upbeat version with our progressive indie flare (we hate the word flare). What really appealed to us about Say Lou Lou was they have this renegade softness, its sorta punk but not, that makes no sense right, but there is sort of care-free beautiful nature to there voices and we thought we could make a summer anthem with this baby, or die trying (side note: at no point were we close to death in the making of this remix) So we got the stems, and wanted to create something that really screams ‘let me in I want to fucking dance, but I also brought my own beer.’