Eddy B – HopeLess Act [Mixtape]


Eddy B is releasing his newest project entitled “HopeLess Act”. I know for most of us it is odd to see Eddy without his past sidekick Tim Gunter but the two have gone their separate ways. Eddy is now releasing his solo project with production by B.McCraw, Nu Vintage, and Young Dubb. There is no real features on this project except the interlude with IShine. As far as content this definitely shows  Eddy B’s diversity. With no real low spot this has a somewhat relaxed feel and is great for summer. He goes deep with many songs telling in-depth stories. As far as I am concerend Eddy B is one of the realest in the game.

Expect big things between Music4Montage and Eddy B in the near future.

You can download and stream the mixtape below.