Aer “Says She Loves Me” Single/Music Video

Aer premiered their brand new single/music video “Says She Loves Me” last Tuesday on The music video was shot & edited by Jakob Owens, videographer of several videos done for established independent artists such as Hoodie AllenD-WHY, and KYLE.  The first thing you’ll notice is, quite frankly, a very different vibe. However, this is not at a bad thing at all. We support anytime an artist explores new styles and new ways of producing their art as this ultimately creates a stronger artist. Not to mention, the sound is a good sound! Instantly viewers refer the vibe to Shwayze & Cisco Adler. Well, the reason for this impression is actually quite apparent, Cisco Adler co-produced the single with Aer.

The video is filmed in a 50s’ esque style similar to a G-Eazy music video but with a bright eye catching color grade. With the bright colors and the classic style, the visuals are sure to keep your attention.

“Says She Loves Me” is the latest single from the duo’s upcoming self-titled 12-track album “Aer” releasing January 21st and available for pre-order on iTunes. As always, follow the artists on Twitter, Facebook, and their other social accounts seen below.

Says She Loves Me
Written by: @KeanuKees