Pras ft Mya & Ol Dirty Bastard – Ghetto Superstar (Goshfather & Jinco X Sasha Grey Remix)

sasha cover

The LA based production/dj duo comprised of Victor Tapia and Jeremy Berger, better known as Goshfather & Jinco, are joined by Sasha Grey to bring us back to the 1998 hip-hop hit, “Ghetto Superstar”. The 3 producers have injected the ubiquitous rap anthem with a dose of deep vibes, and undeniable danciness that give it a fresh home on primetime dancefloors or at 4am warehouse parties.

Though the 3 have released harder hitting tunes before, this re-envisioning of a classic shows that they are versatile enough to dial it down and create something deep, subtle, and undeniably modern, while keeping the nostalgia intact. Check it out and be transported back to a time when this tune was all over the radio — with a 2014 twist.