Dubba Jonny – The Fire


Dubba Jonny is back. And this time it’s bigger than ever. A brand new album from DJ ‘The Fire’ will be released by Uplink Audio on the 21st January. Jonny says ” I’m really proud of this album, I’ve spent the last year or so working away trying to really develop my own signature style as I feel the last bunch of releases I’ve done have been a bit all over the place.”

The album features some big names in the EDM scene such as Charlotte Haining who we’ve seen work with the likes of Rameses B. Also featured on the album is the unique and incredible CoMa.

The Track listing is as follows:

1. Hermit
2. Don’t Try (feat Gravity Official)
3. Dark Side
4.End Up Like This (ft. CoMa)
5. At Home
6. Sending out (feat. Russla & Snoopa)
7. Ignite
8. Wasting Time (feat RJ Duke (vocalist))
9. Smokescreen
10.Not Today (feat. Charlotte Haining)
11.The Nights are Worst
12. The Fire (feat. RJ Duke)

You can listen to and download Dubba Jonnys free track for the holidays here.