Gostan – ‘Klanga’

About half a century ago, the former-US President John F. Kennedy said the legendary words “Ich bin ein Berliner’ – at the time of the Cold War. The Berlin Wall was built just two years before his speech. The Kennedy speech was a huge boost for the West Berliners and was truly one of the most memorable speeches ever. In this speech he sympathized with the victims of the separation from West and East Berlin. The famous line showed many similarities with the contemporary slogan ‘Je suis Charlie’ of last month.

Klanga, from the up and coming French native Gostan, a jazzy deep house tune, is perfect for any chill session. Feel the great bass and the strong melodic beat along the beautiful words by John F. Kennedy. This tune will definitely give you some goosebumps. Including remixes by De Hofnar, Pep & Rash, Cedric Zeyenne and Henri Pfr. This is truly one of my favorites melodic deep house tunes, that has been released over the last months.