Meet Sam Lyon

We interviewed Sam Lyon, an up & coming producer from York UK.


Sam Lyon – Alive ”Reminds us of the early Seven Lions”

1. What and or who inspires your music?

Artists such as Eric Prydz, Above & Beyond and Deadmau5 are big inspirations for me and are the main reason that I started producing. The inspiration I get these days really depends on what I’m listening to before I produce. If I hear a song that interests me, it will often influence my next track in some way.

2. How long have you been producing music?

It must be around 7-8 years now since I made my first ever track.

3. Tell us how you started producing? What do you enjoy about it?

I first attempted to make electronic music on an old play station game that I had, it wasn’t until around 2009 though that I discovered FL Studio and saw how much more advanced it was in comparison and the different capabilities it had. A couple of years later I decided to get some proper speakers and a midi keyboard and began to build a home studio. What I really enjoy about producing is the fact that I can open a blank project file and within an hour or so have a brand new idea that begins to really excite me, you just don’t always know how a track is going to develop as there are so many possibilities.

4. Do you see yourself producing similar music styles in years to come or do you think you’ll explore new options?

I’ve been a fan of EDM for as long as I can remember, so yes, I think I will still be making similar music in the coming years. My sound will probably evolve however, my tracks now sound very different to what they were like a few years ago and I am sure that I will experiment with different genres, but I reckon there will always be features of EDM present within my tracks.

5. When are you completely satisfied with your productions?

It varies with each track. Some tracks I find I can be satisfied with in a few days, whilst some can take a few months or even longer. I have many work in progress tracks that sometimes take me a while to finish or I can simply get bored of them and not want to work on them any-more. I find that generally it takes about a week or 2 after the track is finished and I listen back to it that I feel completely satisfied with it and by then I’m probably working on something else.

6. What software and gear do you use to produce? What would you like to have or use in the future?

My setup is quite simple and pretty much consist of my laptop, KRK RP5s, headphones, launchpads and a midi keyboard. My main DAW is still FL Studio, I find that I can work really quickly with it and haven’t found another software that I’m as comfortable as I am with that. I do also use Logic, however I only really use this if I am recording or doing a final mix/master of a track. My go to synths have to be Sylenth1 and I’ve lately been using Xfer’s Serum, it is pretty much just these 2 synths that you hear in my productions. In the future I would like to use some hardware synths within my tracks, but I’m not looking at getting one at the moment.

7. What’s your all time favourite piece of music to date?

This is quite a tough one as I like a lot of music not only within the EDM genre. However if I had to choose one I think my favourite piece to date would have to be Mat Zo’s track ‘The Lost’, which I think still sounds as good as it did when it was released and I never get bored of it.

8. What can we expect from you production wise in the next year?

Well you can expect to see a few tracks released on Atoma Records that show my progressive house style. I’m currently working on a few deep house tracks, which may possibly be released in the future. I’ve also got a few other work in progress tracks that have been unfinished for a while, so hopefully I will get round to finishing them too.

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