South African House – Kyle Maclean

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Kyle Maclean is a unique South African house/techno producer from Cape Town. We were given some of his time to ask some questions. 

1. What and or who inspires your music?

Everyday life really, I’m constantly getting inspired just by there being a constant influx of new music and new artists. It’s so easy to find and hear new music out there as everything is so accessible on line these days. I follow a number of artists and labels which keep me up to date with what’s fresh and what makes me want to take something I’m working on to the next level in terms of production and the feeling I’m trying to set. Also surrounding myself with people who are in the same industry keeps me motivated and inspires me to be the best at what I do.

2. When did you start producing music and for how long?

I started studying music production in 2010 at Soul Candi Institute of Music based in Cape Town. So all in all this will be my 5th year producing.

3. Tell us how you started producing house/techno and what do you enjoy about it?

What I really enjoy about producing is the fact that you can create something from nothing and you can take it in any direction you choose to, its very personal. Producing isn’t an easy task and can take hours/days to finish a project. The feeling of sitting back and listening to the final product is what makes it all worth while. I really enjoy learning new ways of doing things such as sound design, music theory and beat structure.

4. Do you see yourself producing similar music styles in years to come or do you think you’ll explore new options?

It’s hard to tell right now. I don’t see myself moving away from the direction I’m in at the moment. Producing changes in time, with styles and taste in what I’m wanting to release, so for now I’m enjoying what I’m doing. I do like to experiment, so I may start up a project file and create something completely different just to expand from what I know and create something new. This doesn’t necessarily mean it will be released. It’s all about learning new things.

5.  Are you ever completely satisfied with your productions?

I’m never completely satisfied with my productions. Well, at least at first I am, I will always listen back on a track and think of ways I could have changed it in terms of the production, layout, mix-down etc. However, there also comes a point where you need to accept its finished and move on. Another reason for me saying that, is that with producing your constantly learning and evolving at what you do which is another reason you may look back and want to correct something as you will have learnt new things along the way.

6. What software and gear do you use to produce? What would you like to have or use in the future?

I’ve used Reason, Fl Studio and now Cubase. I really like Cubase and have been using it for the past 3 years. I like the blank canvas feel and the versatility it offers you. I am also interested in both Abelton and Logic and plan on trying these out. In terms of gear, I don’t have any hardware unfortunately, plugin software is what’s being used at the moment. Of course I hope this changes in the near future, as I have a big wish list to fill. First thing I want to buy is the Mini Moog phatty or Moog Voyager.

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7. Do you have a favourite piece of music to date?

That’s a tough question. Off the top of my head, I would choose Paul Kalkbrenner – Sky and Sand. I’m a big fan of the track and movie. Another would have to be Nathan Fake – The Sky Was Pink (Holden Remix). Both great tracks!

8. What can we expect from you production wise in the next year, do you have any tracks on the way?

Production wise I have a lot of new tracks I’m currently working on, with a new EP and a few singles planned. I’ll also be working a few Remix’s, which I’m looking forward to as well as collaborations.

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