Dablekill – The First Shot EP

“Electronic music out of the wild Mother-Russia’s Siberian forests”!

This is Dablekill, the energetic and new age Siberian duo! 001

We interviewed this unique music act to find out more about their up and coming EP due to be released on the 22nd May.

When did you guys meet and how long have you been producing music together?

We met in university. We’ve been making music together for over seven years now,

What do you enjoy about making music?

Totally everything, Bro!

Do you see yourself producing similar music styles in years to come or do you think you’ll explore new options?

We experiment with the sound all the time. At the current moment we feel that we’re in this mix of genres. We produce this kind of music because it’s how we feel, and if we change some day, then most likely our music will change too.

When are you completely satisfied with your productions?

When record label guys say: “Hey, we want to release you!”


What software and gear do you use to produce? What would you like to have or use in the future?

For recording, about 60% of work is done on DAWs: Cubase, VST plugins and etc. and 40% on hardware. For live shows we use Ableton and Serato software and our live performance gear.

How does your partnership work when producing, do you have set roles?

Of course, the process is fully set. This is how it goes: Cherokee makes a preview of a track and shows it to Rami. And I’m like: “no, I don’t like this and this and cut this s**t out!” Then we have a lot of discussion and after a new version and new version and new version – we get the track. Then Rami records scratches and tiny little sounds that you may not hear but they’re really important, then the song is ready and it sounds dope!

What’s the biggest challenge for you when you’re producing/writing music?

The biggest challenge is to make our tracks sound soulful. Not to just make a track, but make music.

If you could collaborate with any other musician, who would it be and why?

Fred Durst from LB and those guys DOPE D.O.D – their music rocks. The energy is awesome!


Do you have any crazy stories you can share about producing/performing on stage?

Yeah, we have a couple. Once, back in the days when we were recording vocals for one of our elder tracks, and Cherokee was totally f* up. So, in order to record in a style that he described as being “maximum natural and emotional expressive sound” he just came in a vocal booth fully naked. yeah! And we were like: “Hmm..OK, whatever you do, just make us believe every single word you sing!”.

As an artist, how would you define success?

We don’t give a f*#$. We think that when we appear on stage, the most important thing is to fire everybody up, no matter how many people are in front of us. We want to make everyone feel the energy and dance till we all drop.

Can you explain what the Russian music scene is like and how/if you’ve been influenced by it?

Well, In fact, there’s a lot of popular artists in the Russian scene. Mainly in genres such genres as rock, hiphop and pop. But when we talk about electronic music, when we talk about breakbeat or DnB, most of those producers are only known within the underground scene, on rave parties that make up it’s own community.


We can’t wait for this experimental burst of creativity to be released on the 22nd. Check out Dablekills website HERE to get the latest info on the release and what they’re up to.