Passion Meets Profession with Chris Durkin


Meet Chris, the passionate 20 year old producer from Manchester. We grabbed a few moments with him to question his musical talent and some of the up and coming releases he’s got planned.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I’m a music producer from Manchester UK, I make electronic/house music. My family love music so I suppose that’s where my love came from, although I’m the musician of the family. My life pretty much revolves around music, I do music production at uni, I make music, and I spend most of my time with musicians and producers.

2. Did you have a formal Music Education or did you teach yourself?

Well I learnt guitar at 12, and then started playing piano at about 16, but other than that I taught myself how to produce electronic music. I’m at uni now doing music production but that’s more aimed at recording rather than DAW based stuff.

3. What do you personally consider to be important moments in your journey as a producer so far?

I’d say the most important moment for me was releasing my music under my own name, I’ve had loads of other aliases and found it quite difficult to put my music out there as myself. So it’s gave my quite a confidence boost that people seem to like my music.

4. What do you usually start with when composing your music?

Most of my songs have a piano, so I usually start with that. Just messing around paying chords and finding a decent melody. If that doesn’t work I’ll make the drums and the structure ready for when inspiration hits.

5. Are you ambitious? If so, towards what ends?

I’d say I’m ambitious, I’d love to tour the world and have everyone listen to my music but I suppose what I really want is to be able to make a living off making music and for people to like what I produce.

6. Usually, it is considered that it is the job of the producer/DJ to win over an audience.
But listening is also active, rather than just a passive process.
How do you see the role of the listener when trying to communicate through your music?

Well I think that it’s always quite difficult to get someone to listen to your music, because no one really cares unless you have something to offer them. If your music is good enough though, then people will listen as long as it’s easy to find, everyone’s always looking for new music.

7. Do you mostly make music just for yourself or do you make it for others?

At first I wanted to make music for others and that’s all I thought about when making new tracks, but now when I’m making music I don’t think about the aim of what I want it to be, I just make something that I think sounds good and then hope people like it.

8. Which relatively new musicians have you been listening to or enjoying recently?

I’ve been listening to Ta-ku and Phaeleh recently and their music is inspiring. I don’t know much about them but the music they create is something I find really interesting and quite unique.


9. Tell us the story behind your releases with Atoma Records.

I got to work with Atoma not long after I decided to make a more professional effort with my music and promotion. So I started doing some promotion and trying to reach new people and the label emailed me saying they were interested in releasing some of my music.

10. If you were hosting a party or festival, what would be your dream line up of artists?

I’d probably want the likes of Koven, Flume, Nero, I love the more dubstep sort of vibe at a festival, with loads of energy.

Chris Durkin will be releasing his next set of singles, starting on the 19th June. Make sure you check out his work and pre – order the releases on ITunes HERE.