KRONO Feat. VanJess- Redlight (Emdeka Remix) [OUT NOW]

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Have you ever invented something, then loved it so much you thought it would change your life forever, then gotten sick of it and never wanted to see it again? Yeah, small demographic, didn’t really expect to see many hands going up on that one… Well, like all musicians, The Bearded Man is inherently lazy. Known for his predilections towards booze, gambling, and the baser facets of modern day life, some of The Bearded Man’s greatest achievements were created in a stupor, searching for a way to be even lazier. The year was 1762, and our hero and John Montagu were heads up in a 24 hour long gambling streak. Neither party wanted to back down, but both were getting increasingly hungry and hungover. As The Bearded Man pushed all in, he summoned the chef, and whispered something into his ear. Right at the moment of his defeat, Montagu was handed a platter with meat placed inside two pieces of toast. This new food invention seemed to cheer the man up so much, that The Bearded Man let Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, take credit for its invention. He and Emdeka (the chef) knew the truth, but they split the gigantic pot and went on their merry way.



The Bearded Man: