Emma Carn – Bad Boy Genes [OUT NOW]


Listen or download: http://ift.tt/1NSCmLw

Ahh, Make-out Point on good ole’ Lover’s Lane. So many memories. So many great stories… It’s the truth that The Bearded Man has been (un?)fortunate enough to live through virtually every urban legend known to man, and yes, it’s how they all started. But unlike what most people think, each one of these stories has a pretty chill backstory — nothing horrific or frightening about them. Hook hands guy scrapes the side of the car door, leaving his hook in the door when they go to check later? Yep! It happened! Only thing was, this wasn’t a killer… it was just one of TBM’s friends with a disability trying to grab a beverage from the cooler in the car. Nothing sinister. Or what about the time The Bearded Man left his girl behind in the car while he went to check out a strange noise? He didn’t return, but she heard the gentle scrape of what she *thought* was the shoes of his hanging body swinging over the car. Yes, that part is true, but he wasn’t dying or dead. He was just swinging from a hammock he set up above the car, and he fell asleep because it was late at night. Another ghost story debunked. Nowadays kids are so easily scared by horror stories, but The Bearded Man would like to remind you all that when it comes to teenage love/lust/crushes, things are always going to be pretty chill 90% of the time, the rest is just inside your own head. That knowledge right there will let smoking hot peeps like Emma Carn know you have Bad Boy Genes after all.

The Bearded Man: