Diepgraven Records

Diepgraven Records is a Dutch independent record label specialized in electronic house music (especially tropical and deep house). Our goal is to provide a breath of fresh air to the current electronic scene by highlighting new talented artists. Instead of the songs you hear on the radio twenty times a day, we work hard to bring you a variety of music from artists that wouldn’t be recognized otherwise.

  • 2011 – founded YouTube music promotion channel MUSIC4MONTAGE

  • 2015 – converted to an independent record label & launched Diepgraven Records

  • 2016 – reached our first million streams on Spotify for “Waikiki”

We’re digging all day extremely deep to find these tunes for you, so you can sit back and relax to these tunes. Our biggest hit so far has been ‘’Waikiki’’ by Deep Chills, which gained over 15 million plays combined over Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora Music and YouTube.

We’re working with an exclusive art designer for the most extraordinary artworks; Jort van Meeteren.

Jort has been working as an art director for the record label Diepgraven Records for five years. “An illustrator that I follow was always the art director of a label and I was inspired by that while I was in a draft. I thought it was very cool to see that his work became a world of its own. You can see that everything is his. So I also do that for Diepgraven Records, a label for deephouse artists. Not necessarily my music, but apparently my work fits in well with this and I understand that again. I think if you have a creative dip, it’s important that you just focus on something else. In the end you are back on the bike again and again or you are in the shower and suddenly you have an idea. ”

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